Laptop Power Bank 544watt-hour 12hours on your laptop


Have you ever thought about how a simple power outage can mess up your day?

Imagine working with your laptop, but suddenly (Phew… Light goes off), Nepa has done their normal thing. 

Then immediately, your laptop screen goes blank and you’re left in darkness. It becomes even worse if you’re in the middle of an important tasks.

But with Elvis Tech 544watt-hour laptop power bank, you don’t have to worry when NEPA start doing shakara with their light, your work carries on without any power interruptions.

The 544watt-hour laptop power bank is capable of powering your laptop for up to 12hours

Feature Of This Product

It can power your :



Rechargeable Fan

Dc light bulbs

Router, etc.


When you don’t have an external power source like Elvis Tech Laptop Power Bank, the chances of you not working with your laptop at the right moment increases.

It’s like being stuck in a room with no way to get out or get things done, and that my friend could turn out to be a disaster for your online activities.

But on the other hand, with the 544wattt-hour power bank, no more worries or anxiety of running low on power anytime soon.


Get your 544wh laptop power bank today and you will never be a captive of blackouts or at the mercy of Nigerian electricity and NEPA wahala.

Your laptop stays charged up, anywhere, anytime.

Another Key Attribute Of Elvis Tech Power Bank

All power banks manufactured by Elvis Tech is mobile, meaning you can take it along with you to anywhere you desire and still charge your laptop seamlessly without going about looking for power outlets.

Your activities with your laptop and tasks flow very smoothly without power disturbance or interruption.


when you have Elvis Tech, It’s as if you own a powerhouse that is always there for you when you needed it the most.


The 544watt-hour laptop power bank is more than a device; it’s a game changer for laptop users who work for a longer period but are less handicap by NEPA problems.

The product is cool, portable and dependable. It also has solar charging system with strong battery life ensuring you’re never caught off guard by the lack of electricity to recharge it.


Take charge during power outages, and don’t just suffer through power outages. Overcome them by getting yourself a laptop power bank.

Make the decision today by getting the 544watt-hour laptop power bank because your online jobs, activities and tasks deserves an external power source life that isn’t held back by constant power outages and blackouts.


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